We opened our first physical store serving freshly squeezed juice drinks in 2009.  In order to build a better, more complete foundation, we organized, systematized and standardized the operating units. That is why KAI HE TENG CORPORATION was established. With our conscience at the center of everything we do, all of our ingredients are carefully selected by our operation team. The production and hygiene of all of our beverages are strictly controlled by us. We are fully compliant with the government’s food safety laws and regulations, and we are committed to providing customers with satisfactory service.

To serve the public with a more active, caring and sincere attitude, we insist on providing safe, healthy and delicious drinks to make our customers feel at ease and happy. We believe that only by building a bit of trust with customers can we build a foundation for a sustainable business.

Business Philosophy


Under our sound operation, we brings the freshest flavors to consumers, and also provide long-term sales channels for local fruit farmers, creating a win-win situation for fruit farmers, franchisees and consumers.  We sincerely provide a variety of safe and healthy drinks at a reasonable price.


Our quality

Real ingredients, Strict quality checks, Safe to drink


Our service

Friendly, Warm, and Sincere


Our environment

Clean and comfortable, Eco-friendly, Bright and simple

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