KAI HO TENG CORPORATION delivers beverages to all with the concept of “Quality Assurance and Safety”.

We strictly adhere to our original message of “starting from the conscience”.  With select, high-quality, natural ingredients perfectly combined to provide a simple happiness, we insist on making it by hand.  We strive to present the most natural flavors for our beverages.  The Kai He Teng team values using natural ingredients so that consumers can drink with peace of mind.  We conduct strict source management so that all of our products adhere to the national SGS inspection and we always strive for quality.  Allowing you to taste our beverages with peace of mind serves as motivation for our team.  We strictly require that each cup is “considered as our own”, stressing the importance of every detail!  Everything, including the raw materials, cups, straws, sealing film, etc all must pass the SGS inspection standard.

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