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Along with the rapid pace of an industrial and commercial society, a tea-takeaway culture has become a new business miracle in Taiwan. However, diets have become more refined for people in Taiwan, and more and more people focus on the ingredient source and traceability. In our efforts to promote the concept of healthy natural drinks, we exercise strict quality control and insist on only using ingredients that pass the ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP food safety and health management certifications.

 KAI HO TENG CORPORATION was established in 2009 with the opening of our first direct store and in 2010, our second direct store was created . In 2012, we officially established our operating headquarters and sales warehouse. In 2013, there were 8 stores and in 2014 we reached 15 stores. In 2019, the total number of stores reached 30, and at the same time, the ERP system was embedded and integrated with a 3PL cold chain logistics system!

Ikiwi-tea and IPARTEA are two brands under KAI HE TENG Corporation.

About the Ikiwi brand concept / insistence on healthy and pure, natural ingredients

Ikiwi – All juice series drinks are made from fresh seasonal fruits. Although fruit production has been unstable due to climate anomalies in recent years, ikiwi supply chains remain stable for all stores in Taipei, Taichung and southern Taiwan.  We insist on providing consumers with healthy and natural hand-crafted juices, and we never use artificial flavors or juice from concentrate.

The Ikiwi brand focuses on customers satisfaction. From the texture of the package material to product safety, we constantly create brand value for consumers.   Our employees’ heartfelt smiles and considerate service make our customers satisfied with each purchase. Ikiwi specializes in all kinds of hand-crafted juices and teas, and we are not only open to domestic and international franchising business partners joining us, but are also seeking overseas export agents. For more details, please check out our official website:

About the IPARTEA brand concept / spirit

IPARTEA is determined to become the highest quality tea brand chain. We cooperate with local tea farmers in Nantou, Taiwan and make each cup of tea from the heart. Our stores provide a comfortable and bright decorations for customers while they make their purchases. Since its inception, we have been searching for high-quality tea products in Taiwan and developing new flavors characteristic to Taiwan. After years of adjustments and product development and improvements, our efforts are bearing fruit. IPARTEA actively promotes Taiwanese teas  and integrates them into the local culture for the world to enjoy. We are confident that with our professional and positive attitude, we will bring the happiness and sincerity of Taiwanese products to the whole world, and will open up KAI HE TENG CORPORATION, ad deep-rooted Taiwanese brand, to international, to the global market.

The standard of selection for high-quality drink materials at IPARTEA is very simple. “Natural original taste, pure and fresh” is our first principle of making good drinks. We pay attention to the health of consumers, the trust of our partners, and we keep close tabs on all materials down to every detail. Official website:

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